Monday, March 26, 2012

Finally Updating!

To all who have submitted blog addresses to go on this blogroll:

As you can tell, it's been awhile since I updated the (very small) list. As you can imagine, not long after setting this up, my life (and health) took over and I haven't gotten back to it until now.

However, I still feel like a centralized list of CF blogs would be such a great resource, especially as so much of the online CF community now revolves around blogs!

I have updated the list with all the links that were sent to me after my original "call for bloggers". I did leave off one or two of the links submitted if the blogs hadn't been updated in a year or more. (If you would still like me to add your blog, comment and let me know!)

I am going to be working on this page over the next few weeks and hopefully turning it into a functional, helpful resource for blogging CFers. Please pass this link on to all your friends with CF (or with CF kids)!


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