Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Want To Be A Featured Blogger?

Now that the Cystic Fibrosis Blogroll is up and running, I plan to do a series of posts a few times each month highlighting some of the great bloggers on our list. For each blog that is selected, I'll email a list of "interview" questions to the blogger and post their answers, along with a brief introduction to them and their blog.

ANYONE who is a member of the blogroll can be a featured blogger! If you're interested, leave a comment on this post (with your email address) or email beingcindybaldwin AT gmail DOT com and let me know.

Our first blog feature will go up in just a few days, so keep your eye on this space!



  1. Hi Cindy.

    Yeah I'm always up for a quick question and answer session :) Also just to mention you've put my blog in the CF bloggers instead of the parents section :)

    Thanks for including us!

    Gemma (lungs behaving badly)

  2. Oops! thanks for pointing that out, Gemma! I guess I'm just so used to adding to the CF Blogger section that it was a habit.

    Do you have an e-mail address I could send the questions to? If you would rather not post your e-mail, feel free to send me a note at beingcindybaldwin AT gmail DOT com and I will send you the questions.

  3. No problem :)

    Feedingproblems @ gmail . com

  4. I would love to participate!

    Thanks, Colleen

  5. I would love to be featured. You can reach me at