Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Featured Blogger:
Emily of "A Breath Of Fresh Air"

Keep an eye on the CF Blogroll over the next few months! On the first and third Tuesday of every month, we will be featuring a different blogger from our blogroll. Because May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month, we will kick off our Featured Blogger series with a new feature every Tuesday during the month of May!

If you'd like to be a Featured Blogger, leave a comment or e-mail beingcindybaldwin AT gmail DOT com, and we'd love to feature you! Don't forget to include your e-mail address so that I can send you a list of interview questions. (Currently, I am posting the interviews in the order that I receive them, so don't be worried if it takes a few weeks for your interview to go up.)

Todays' Featured Blogger is Emily from A Breath Of Fresh Air. I discovered Emily's blog when she submitted it for the CF Blogroll, and I was immediately struck by the thoughtful, eloquent quality of her posts. Emily puts into words so many of the things that we cysters and fibros think, and does it beautifully! Don't forget to check out her blog and see for yourself!

First, tell me a little bit about yourself! (How old are you, are you married, do you have any kids, do you work, etc.)

Hi! My name is Emily. I'm 27 with CF and CFRD. I work in health care marketing and I'm pursuing a master's degree in bioethics at night.

How old were you when you were diagnosed with CF? What led to your diagnosis?
I was diagnosed with CF at 6 weeks due to pneumonia and failure to thrive. Pretty typical.

What kind of effect has CF had on your life?
The impact of CF on my life. Hmm. That's a hard one. It's hard to tease out the specific effect of CF on my life separate from all other influential factors since I don't have another life without CF for comparison. If I had to speculate though, I'd say that CF has given me a profoundly different perspective of life and the world. I'm naturally very driven, focused and goal-oriented, but knowing the fragility of life and health has given me a heightened appreciation for the present and simple things. I think having CF has given me a really solid understanding of my own priorities and values, which have remained completely consistent throughout my life. It has made me more deliberate with my time and energy and also a little frantic to make my dreams happen, right now, since I never know what tomorrow brings. It's made me more scared, more vulnerable and certainly more cautious, but I work very hard to integrate health management and CF into an all around rich, vibrant, productive and fulfilling life.

When did you start blogging? What led you to start blogging?
I just checked and apparently I started blogging July 7, 2010, which is 2 days before my half birthday. Coincidence? I think totally.

What is your favorite post you've ever written?
My favorite thing about blogging is when I feel overcome with a strong or unsettling emotion, going to my blog and writing in a fury of emotion allows me to let go and move on. It's very powerful and it amazes me every time that we have the power to be such effective self-therapists. So, to your question, my favorite blog posts are those totally cathartic ones that free me from an otherwise distressing emotional place.

A Few of Emily's Favorites:

once upon a time: a story of childhood with CF
how can i love this body?
on hope, celebration and community
the power of time
the funny thing about unluckiness

What are a few of YOUR favorite CF blogs? (They don't have to be on the blogroll.)
It is hard to say which are my very favorites, but a few of them are: A Matter of Life and Breath, Breath Sentence , Confessions of a Cyster, Cystic Gal, Welcome to Joshland, LizisLifeline, Sassy Castle and Kelly's Transplant Adventure.

What would be your #1 piece of advice to others with CF?
Don't let CF stand in the way of your dreams. CF is one part of you, but there are many other non-CF parts and life is about balancing, integrating and developing them all.

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