Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anything Is Possible: A CF Patient Interviews Her Parents About Life, Family, and Raising A Child With CF

I was recently contacted by Erin Evans, a 31-year-old CF patient who works for the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation. Erin sent me a blog post that she'd written for the CFLF blog, in which she shared an interview she'd done with her parents about what it was like to raise a child with cystic fibrosis. I thought it was such a neat interview and something that would resonate with both CF patients and parents of CF kids. Erin has graciously allowed me to share part of the interview here today—a link for the full interview is at the bottom.

Last week I drove out to my parent’s house, the house that I grew up in, and sat down with them, at the table where we'd had hundreds and hundreds of dinners and conversations as a family, and interviewed them about what it was like to have a child with CF. Even though I had always felt like my family was very open, and not afraid to talk about anything, it was really the first time we'd had a conversation about my CF, as adults. 

I expected to learn things I hadn’t known before, all the things that my bad memory had lost along the way, but what followed was an almost two hour conversation about what it was like in those early years when so much was still unknown. After spending hours listening to the interview over and over again, transcribing it, picking it apart, and cutting it down to a reasonable size, I felt like I finally had the missing pieces to the story I'd been telling myself for years. 

See full interview here!


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